Rugby Academy is Back!

This Friday (13 August 2021) sees the return of Strathmore Community Rugby Trust’s Rugby Academy.

For those of you new to the Academy, the sessions run on a Friday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm from Strathmore Rugby Club in Forfar.  The sessions are free and open to everyone of secondary school age from Forfar, Kirrie and Brechin.  Transport is available from Websters High School and Brechin High School (no cost), Forfar residents are required to make their own way to the Club.  The minibus leaves Brechin at 1.35pm (participants meet at the main reception) and Websters at 1.40pm (participants meet in the school canteen area).

The Rugby Academy is an opportunity to chuck a rugby ball about with friends on a Friday afternoon.  In addition to that though, it’s an opportunity to learn a few key life skills and, for the older participants, gain qualifications and experience too.  Our aim is to Develop People Through Rugby.  A number of our coaches across the sessions are products of the Rugby Academy.  The Trust has supported them through their coaching, refereeing and first aid qualifications and this experience has served them well when applying to college, uni and jobs.  With COVID restrictions being kicked to touch, we plan to kickstart this training again.

If you/your child is interested in attending for the first time please register by clicking on the link –

For more information about the sessions please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing