Autism-Friendly Sport Training Courses

In 2019, Strathmore Community Rugby Trust started delivering our award-winning Autism-Friendly Rugby sessions in Forfar. The sessions have grown beyond our expectations and with that has come the realisation that there is a need for more Autism-Friendly activity, and also the lack of opportunities available for organisations to understand how to make their sessions truly Autism-Friendly.

We have developed a training course to help other organisations deliver Autism-Friendly activity, sharing the knowledge and expertise we have gained delivering our Autism-Friendly Rugby sessions. The course is split into two parts, the first part focuses on understanding Autism, the second looks at how we have adapted our activity to make it Autism-Friendly. Although we use rugby as the example, the methods we use could be applied to many different settings. This could be anything from delivering dedicated Autism-Friendly sessions at your sports club or school, to understanding how to involve someone with Autism in your mainstream activity, giving session leaders the confidence to do this and also the knowledge about what the individual needs.

Autism-Friendly Sport Training Course Part 1 – approx. 3 hours.

Delivered in conjunction with PABSS (Positive and Active Behaviour Support Scotland). The course is designed to give participants a better understanding of Autism. It helps participants understand challenging behaviours and how they can help someone with Autism. It identifies common problems people with Autism face and what we can do to help. Finally, it discusses sensory processing behaviours and looks at how physical activity can help someone with Autism.

Autism-Friendly Sport Training Course Part 2 – approx. 3 hours.

This section focuses on putting the theory into practice. It guides participants through our Autism-Friendly Rugby sessions, explaining what we have done to accommodate the needs of the player and why. Experienced coaches provide real life examples of some of the situations we have been presented with and encourage participants to identify ways they could support someone with Autism to take part.

For more information about how to sign up to a course please email Details of upcoming courses are listed below. We are also happy to look at delivering a course for your organisation. If this would be of interest, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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