Chairman’s Report from AGM.

The Trust held it’s AGM on Tuesday, 19 May 2020.  Please find below a brief report from our Chair, Stuart Gray.

During the 19-20 financial year the Trust has continued to grow. We have successfully launched our autism-friendly rugby project and Brechin High School projects and look forward to continuing to develop these as we can. All other projects are continuing to perform strongly, and we are now seeing the softer results of the projects.

We’ve had a change in our trustees with Mike Kiely coming on as Secretary and bringing a wealth of health & safety and HR experience. The employment of Maggie has seen us take a next step as an organisation and the recent recruit of Jenni Cameron will further support our next steps.

Our income for the year was £93,704 which was mostly due to grant funding with significant funding from RS MacDonald and the Bank of Scotland. Our expenditure was £66,627. Our bank balance at year end was £91631 of which £84037 are restricted funds. These restricted funds are mostly for staffing costs.

Looking forward we have some big developments and announcements coming as we plan our future growth.