Lockdown Games Launched

Are you craving a bit of competition??  Next week (Friday 5th February) the Trust are launching the Lockdown Games ?️‍♀️?️?.

What’s involved? 

  • Teams of 2 will be given one work out and one challenge to complete each week
  • Challenge videos will be posted every Friday for the duration of lockdown
  • A league table will be issued each week
  • Winning team at the end of the Lockdown Games receives a prize
  • Each week challengers will have one 15-20 workout to complete and one technical challenge
  • Points will be allocated based on how quickly your team completes and submits the weekly challenges.  Bonus points (and deductions) will be allocated for things like technique and speed.

Picking Your Team 

This challenge is open to teams of two.  Only one member of your team needs to be signed up to a Trust projects (e.g. Rugby Academy). So, feel free to get your parents/friends/siblings involved!  If your teammate doesn’t live with you then challenges can be completed either outdoors (socially distanced and in compliance with the current rules) or over a video call.

If you would like to take part but you don’t have a partner drop us an email and we can pair you up with someone.

All you need to do to sign up is complete a short registration form, send us a quick email by clicking here or email and will send you the link.