Pay What You Can


At Strathmore Community Rugby Trust we pride ourselves in offering an inclusive environment for our community.  We invest time and resource into making sure our coaches have the right knowledge and skills to support people to participate and stay involved.  This takes time and money, and investment from previous sources is becoming more difficult to come by. 

In order to continue delivering and Developing People Through Rugby, and remain financially sustainable, the Trust invites you, our community, to join a “Pay What You Can” donation model.  We will continue to serve all members of our community regardless of their ability to make a financial contribution but we invite those that can to make a regular donation of their choice to help support the continued work of the Trust.  This is a model regularly adopted by charitable trusts to help sustain their work and anything you feel you can contribute will 100% go to furthering the aims of the Trust and its beneficiaries. 

We know that some people/families are struggling though.  As a charity, we believe no one should be prevented from playing rugby because of their financial situation which is why we have chosen to ask for donations this way.  We trust our community to support each other and assure you that every situation is treated as confidential.

We have created a suggested pricing structure that allows you to make a fair contribution to the costs of providing our activities and offers you a chance to help others if you are able to.

Option 1: Pay-It-Forward (£20 per month) – I’m willing and able to pay a little extra to help another participant take part.

Option 2: Standard (£16 per month). I want to pay the standard price.

Option 3: Subsidized (£8.00 per month). I have some financial challenges and would appreciate paying a lower price.

Option 4: No Cost (£0.00) per month. I am facing some tough times and would appreciate a free place (treated confidentially). 

Gift Aid Option