Community Project Assistant

I am Niamh Pert I am coach with Strathmore Community Rugby Trust.  I started working for the Trust when the Autism-Friendly Rugby sessions first started, initially as a volunteer but latterly as a coach.  My first experience of the Trust when a friend took me along to the Rugby Academy when it first began in 2018.  The Rugby Academy has been great for me and from there I decided I wanted to be part of what the Trust do.

I enjoy the sense of achievement working for the Trust gives me.  It is helping to improving my skills as a player and a coach, helping me work on my communication skills and giving me experience of working with children with different needs.  Through my work with other organisations I have experience of working with hard to reach children and young adults and I bring this experience to the Trust.  I currently hold the following qualifications; UKCC level 1 rugby coach, first aid and level 1 referee.

Community Project Assistant

My name is Arron Jackson I am one of the Community Project Assistant for SCRT.   I first became involved with the Trust when I attended the Rugby Academy on a Friday afternoon.  A few of my friends started volunteering with the Autism Friendly Rugby sessions so I put my name forward too.  It was from here that I was asked to join the coaching team in November 2019.

I really enjoy coaching the children.  It’s a great feeling knowing I’ve helped the them become more confident and happier.   Working with the Trust is continuing to develop me in all aspects of my life but especially my understanding of how to work with children and adults with learning disabilities and the different challenges they face.    I have a combined 8 years of rugby experience from Micros all the way to Senior Rugby.  I have my UKCC Level 1 Rugby Coaching qualification along with my First Aid and Rugby Refereeing.

Community Project Assistant

I am Ruth Elertowicz and I am a Community Project Assistant for Strathmore Community Rugby Trust, a role I started in June 2019.  I enjoy my role with the Trust, I especially like seeing the kids having a good time and enjoying themselves. It is a privilege to see how far some of the children have come since starting Autism-Friendly Rugby.  Some children have really embraced the ASD rugby and you can see first-hand the benefits it is having on them.

As well as being a rugby coach I am also a mum of two, so I feel I bring a maternal edge to my role.  I can understand and empathise with the parents as well as the children. I am also an Early Years Assistant within my professional life, so I have experience of working with children in an educational setting.  In addition to this I hold Rugby Union SCQF Level 4 (UKCC Level 1), NC Early Education and Childcare qualifications

Community Project Assistant

I originally started volunteering for Autism-Friendly Rugby when it first started but in August 2019 I was asked to become a Community Project Assistant.  I first became involved with the Trust through the Rugby Academy and then started volunteering at the Autism-Friendly Rugby sessions and then became a CPA.  I enjoy working with the kid’s and seeing the smiles on their faces and the friendships and relationships built through the sessions.  I have also enjoyed watching the children’s confidence grow and their development over the period I have worked with them.  My coaching role has boosted my own confidence too and has also helped me gain valuable work experience. It has enhanced my skill level of working with others and finding ways of dealing with each child’s needs so that they have the most fun possible at each session. The Trust has also made me realise that I want to continue working with children when I am older.

I bring the following experience and Qualifications

Community Project Assistant

I joined the Trust in August 2019.  I had just completed my Level 1 in rugby coaching when Josh Gabriel-Clarke mentioned the Trust were looking for volunteers.  I most enjoy the fact that the Trust is making such a difference in people’s lives.  Not only that, I feel I am being developed by the work I am doing with SCRT by becoming more of a leader and a better communicator. I have had a successful playing career (so far), and a few coaching experiences.  In addition to my UKCC Level 1, I also hold First Aid in the work place and Level 1 in refereeing.

Community Project Assistant

I am coach with SCRT and began in February 2019.  I became involved through my work as a personal trainer when I got the chance to train clients with different needs and learning disabilities.  I find it very rewarding watching them improve and grow in confidence, not just in their chosen activity but also in day-to-day life as well. When I was offered the chance combine that feeling with rugby I could not wait to get started.

I really enjoy seeing progress in the people who come to our sessions.

The sessions I am involved with give me more confidence in working with younger children with autism and developing me as a well-rounded coach.

I have been a local rugby player for the last 10 years, and have my UKCC Level 2 rugby coaching qualification.  I am a qualified Personal Trainer with other qualifications in functional fitness, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, programming and nutrition.

Community Project Assistant

I became a Community Project Assistant in January 2020 however I first became involved with the Trust during the summer of 2019 via the rugby academy.  I enjoy my work with the Trust, especially the team effort that is involved – it is not just one person it’s everyone including the kids that are part of the Trust.

Working with the Trust is helping me with understanding coaching at different levels.  It is also helping me understand how to work with children and adults with different needs, how to grow with them, and assist them to come out their shell.  Working with the Trust has given me motivation to go and study sport and fitness at college to assist in my future career.

I have lots of experience with working with children with additional needs through the Trust, Outdoor learning at school, and with Street games youth club in Brechin.  I hold my UKCC Level 1 in Rugby Union, level 1 referee and my First Aid at Work qualifications.

I started my role with the Trust in October 2019.  The Trust was looking to expand its pool of coaches ,  I was approached by the Chairman, Stuart Gray, to see if I was interested in getting involved and I was happy to do so.

I most enjoy helping groups of people of all ages and abilities participate in (and gain enjoyment from) playing sports.  I have undertaken several training courses during my time with the Trust, gaining qualifications and generally increasing my knowledge base. Working across several of the projects also provides the opportunity to coach a variety of different groups which is a constant learning experience.

My coaching experience lies within a cricket environment rather than a rugby setting – while being an avid watcher of the game and a long-term follower of Strathmore Rugby Club, I have never played rugby (other than the odd game of Tartan Touch!).  On the cricket side of things, I have around 20 years of experience coaching players of all ages within my club (Strathmore Cricket Club) and have spent a considerable amount of time over the years running taster sessions and extra-curricular clubs within local schools.

I hold the following qualifications:

National Progression Award Sports Coaching: Rugby (UKCC Level 1)

World Rugby: First Aid in Rugby

World Rugby: Concussion Management for the General Public

World Rugby: Laws of the Game of Rugby Union

World Rugby: Strength & Conditioning Pre-Level 1

National Progression Award Sports Coaching: Cricket (UKCC Level 2)

Community Project Assistant

I have been involved with the Trust since December 2018.  At the time I was a community coach with Strathmore Sharks, delivering sessions in local schools.  When I was asked to help the Trust, I jumped at the chance.

I like working with the Trust.  I enjoy seeing the joy on the faces of both the kids and adults when they arrive at rugby.  Working with the Trust has also helped me gained more confidence delivering sessions and has helped build my patience and understanding too.  While working at the Trust I have been given the opportunity to attended training courses which have taught me how to communicate in different ways to suit the needs of the participants.  I have been coaching since 2016 and have experience coaching rugby and football.  I have gained my UKCC Level 2 rugby coaching qualification, as well as first aid, CPR and AED courses and basic Makaton training.