Jason’s Story

Strathie Clan, Captain, rugby player
I have some learning difficulties but rugby isn’t one of them!

Jason is the captain of the Unified Rugby team, known as the Strathie Clan, which is a physical activity programme for adults.  It offers controlled contact rugby for both disabled (need to be able to walk unaided) and able-bodied people and aims to create a fully inclusive, adult rugby environment.  The Clan trains weekly, but throughout the traditional ‘off season’ regional training and matches are arranged with other Clan’s throughout Scotland.  The programme aims to provide an inclusive environment taking cognisance of any individuals specific needs.

Jason has been outstanding at rugby.  He has relished the ‘rugby way’ – the camaraderie, the respect, confidence, persistence, discipline, responsibility, the life lessons – it’s taught him life is always better when we stick together.

How long have you played rugby?

I started playing at College but first got involved with the Clan in January 2019 when the team was launched/born

I had tried rugby tasters once or twice at College with Wendy (my lecturer) before she took us to the Clan session.

What do you like most about rugby?

I really enjoy playing the game and the fun we have at training but the bit I like best is the Teamwork and getting to know new people.

How does playing rugby benefit you?

Statement from Jason’s College Lecturer

He has learned to work with others, set standards and consider others.  It has given him stability and routine in his life where there was none, and pride in being a part of something bigger.   His life has not been strong on these aspects and yet rugby has allowed/enabled Jason to shine and show what he is capable of.  His communication skills have improved and he is so supportive of others which is amazing and shows the wonderful values Jason demonstrates considering the personal challenges he deals with on a daily basis.

What is your best rugby memory?

Being made Team Captain.  That was just the best to think that others thought I should be the Captain. I loved it. It was brilliant.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying rugby?

Definitely give it a try – it’s a really good thing. It’s great getting together with other people, relying on each other, we help to solve each other’s problems and look out for each other and it’s good fun.