Trust Merchandise


We have partnered with New Balance to create Strathmore Community Rugby Trust kit for our supporters to purchase.  A percentage of each sale will be donated back to the Trust so not only will you look great, you can wear your kit proudly knowing that you have helped support the ongoing development of the Trust.

Visit our online shop at by clinking this link – Strathmore Community Rugby Trust Online Shop.

You will find a full range of adult and junior sizes across the products.  If there is an item of clothing you would like to purchase that is not already in our range then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see if it’s possible to add it.

Don’t forget, you can also support the Trust via a one-off or monthly donation.  Examples of how your donations will help are listed below, along with a link to our donation form.

Thank you!

Donation Examples

£15 Would help us pay for one coach to deliver an hour of Walking Rugby
£25 Would help us put one young person through their Sports Leader award
£75 Would help us put one coach through the Autism-Friendly Rugby training course
£100 Would help us hire a minibus to take our Unified Rugby Team to play against other Teams.

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