Trust Announces New Sponsor – ASM Media & PR

SCRT Walking Rugby Dec 2020. Credit ASM Media & PR

Strathmore Community Rugby Trust is delighted to announce Angus company ASM Media & PR as a new sponsor.


ASM Media & PR, which has been the Trust’s public relations agency since 2018, has agreed a package with the Trust which will allow us to create a bank of images across all of the Trust’s projects.  A picture tells a thousand words, so this is a vital service for the Trust to have secured and will help us to promote the work we do.


Commenting on the new agreement, Strathmore Community Rugby Trust’s Business Development Consultant Nick Welsh said, “They say a picture is worth a thousand words, with this very much in mind, we are delighted to have Alan’s skills and expertise to capture the powerful human stories of the participants of the Trust’s Projects #DevelopingPeopleThroughRugby. Working in partnership, we hope to evidence the positive impact on people’s lives and inspire others to join in.”


Alan S. Morrison, Owner of ASM Media & PR, commented, “Working with the Trust since 2018 has allowed me to see the great work it does for community wellbeing. I’m delighted to support that work through this sponsorship and look forward to seeing how the resulting images can help the Trust’s projects grow further, benefitting more people in Angus.”


The Trust is reliant on support from the local community to allow us to deliver projects such as Autism-Friendly Rugby or Walking Rugby.  If you are interested in supporting the Trust please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nick Welsh by emailing