Too old for rugby? Angus charity brings walking game to Forfar

The Angus sports charity bringing the health and wellbeing benefits of rugby to youngsters is launching free Walking Rugby sessions to do the same for those who no longer feel able to play the regular game or want to get or stay active.

Strathmore Rugby Club Community Trust will hold the first of three planned Walking Rugby sessions at Strathmore RFC’s ground in Forfar next Thursday (August 23) from 6pm, with the next two planned for September 6 and 20.

Each will allow anyone looking to stay active or re-engage in physical activity through the non-contact, fun, social form of the game to take part in a free 30-minute session before enjoying an optional evening of socialising, watching classic international rugby games over food and drink and watching and then meeting the Strathmore 1st XV for a £5 charge. Anyone who’s played rugby in the past is encouraged to bring along any memorabilia they have to help them share their memories of playing the regular game.

Sports kit is optional for the walking rugby, but participants are encouraged to at least wear comfortable clothing suitable for walking plus appropriate waterproofs or warm clothes as required depending on the forecast for each evening.

Walking rugby has been used by teams for decades as a gentler form of touch rugby and to build social links between players. Strathmore Rugby Club Community Trust is bringing it to West Angus so those who don’t feel able to play the regular game can enjoy the fitness and general wellbeing benefits.

Trust Community Project Co-ordinator Josh Gabriel-Clarke explains: “We want to ensure we cater for all ages and abilities and Walking Rugby helps us do that.

“The social aspect of these sessions is also important as rugby is a sport built on values and friendships that are established and retained for life. It’s important our Walking Rugby programme does the same and enables those who played before to revisit some of these fond memories, share theirs with other people and build new friendships as well – staying true to the spirit of the game.”

Anyone interested in taking part can turn up and register on the night or register in advance by emailing Josh on  For more details of the evenings, they should go to the Trust Facebook page at

If the first Walking Rugby sessions are a success, it’s planned to hold more next year – starting in the Spring and running through the Summer till September.

Next week the trust is also launching the second season of its successful Rugby Academy for secondary school children. The first session of the new school year is next Friday (August 24). Anyone interested in taking part should contact the trust via its Facebook page.